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Study at a University with a University Campus such as the UAB

It is advisable to find a student residence near the UAB to study. The Autonomous University of Barcelona, a campus of international excellence since 2009, offers undergraduate degrees and master’s degree programs. As a student, you can also participate in one of the doctoral programs. The Autonomous University of Barcelona also has the HR Excellence in Research badge in human resources.

What opportunities does the UAB study offer you?

Cultural Activities

Constant learning, typical of the university stage, takes place beyond the classroom. Permanent contact with culture inspires students. The Sala Teatre offers a varied agenda of shows. Music, dance and theater, therefore, play a major role during the academic year. This cultural offer is scheduled between October and June.

Aquest entreteniment s’amplia amb el setè art. La Sala Cinema de la UAB programa documentals, pel·lícules i seminaris. Si ho desitges, també pots consultar revistes i llibres digitals a la biblioteca.

Scientific and technical services

Scientific knowledge occupies a prominent place on a campus that has perfectly prepared facilities and specialized resources for the development of new research projects. The groups participating in these projects receive the advice of trained and qualified professionals.

Professional Development

It is important that when making the decision to enroll in a degree, you should first think about what your goal is. This training will open your doors to the future by improving your employability. You may be dreaming of an international career that will give you the opportunity to spend a season in a foreign destination. The Employability Service advises students who want to have this experience. It also offers mobility grants for internships.


The language section is a very important aspect of a curriculum vitae. This knowledge is especially valued by companies. During this academic stage, you can take courses in French, English, Spanish and Italian. It is very important that you enroll in the ideal course for you. To find out which option best suits your current knowledge, you can take a level test.


Solidarity is one of the most important values that students can learn in their university years. The UAB proposes different volunteer programs.

Residences – UAB Campus

The campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona promotes contact with nature. Green areas define the landscape that the student observes. Before starting this university stage, you can take a walk around the campus through a virtual tour. The university also has nearby residences such as Resest. Its excellent location provides maximum comfort to the student.

Therefore, the university stage is very important for many reasons. Choose a student residence near the UAB to focus fully on your studies!

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