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series for university students

The 3 best series for university students on Netflix

Winter is the perfect time of year so that with the cold, we stay at home and take the opportunity to make quiet and warm plans. Among them, reading your favorite book, watching a movie + blanket or catching up with the list of series you have pending.

We have discovered that there are many series that have as protagonist the university world  and students. Therefore, we want to highlight these 3 series, which share values of intrigue, overcoming and friendship during the student era.

The best series for university students

  • Merlí: Catalan series. Merlí is a professor of a subject reviled and appreciated in equal parts: philosophy. A contradictory type, and with virtues and defects at the same time. The production focuses on the relationship of the teacher with his students and, above all, on “the conflicts between parents and children, students and teachers…”
  • Elite: The Elite formula combines sex, adolescence and romance. In addition, themes such as love at a distance, drug use and homosexuality are touched, in addition to deaths and disappearances as essential elements of the plots.
  • Sex Education.  It’sa teen comedy series that centers on Otis Milburn, a shy, virgin young man whose mother is a sex therapist  and who doesn’t have any kind of taboo to talk about the subject and teach about sex education.

Most of these series, in addition to tellingus a story with its context, offer us reflections and  important learning on topics, sometimes, little visible among young people.  Therefore, many times watching a series is not just about spending time, but discovering  new situations and dedicating time to ourselves.

And don’t forget that there is a wide range of series on Netflix that are waiting to be seen.  Find your favorite and don’t wait until next summer to see it.  Find those free spaces during the course to carry out your hobbies and rest watching Netflix.  If you are a student and you choose to study in Sabadell, in the Resest Student Residence we will always have a room for you with Wi-Fi. Consult without obligation our availability, rates and services. We are waiting for you!

I would not love to know your opinion in comments, what kind of series do you like? Do you usually watch teen series? Which seriesdo you recommend?

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