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Actividades Sabadell 2022

Music and Festivals in Sabadell

Music and Festivals in Sabadell

The Observa Festival brings the activities of Sabadell 2022 with very diverse artists who will make you dance and enjoy. We resume all the activities in the Parc Catalunya amphitheater and help you with accommodation at

Guest artists from May 26 to June 19

It is a tribute to one of the best-known musical groups of the 70s and 80s. Thanks to them, we continue to know ABBA’s greatest hits.

Promoting their new album Transient Sanity, Rapsusklei and SFDK have created Esta to Guapo, a new hit for your collection.

Considered one of the best rock bands, he arrives at the Festival Observa joining his band to sing his great achievements in an electric format.

It is his 5th project aimed at a family audience. They present an album of 12 songs, 8 originals adapted to the traditional repertoire of Jamaican rhythms.


• Beethoven’s ninth
It is the last concert of this band, the Vallés Symphony Orchestra. They will perform Beethoven’s last symphony and will delight the public with one of the most popular and transcendental works in history.

It is a duo born in 2014 with a “dub” style of the eighties.

His songs are characterized by being tropical, fresh and carefree combined with a very powerful direct band. They are an essential group of Catalan music.

• Heavy per xics
Family and musical show interpreting hymns of heavy rock and the Catalan songbook.

• Play the game, a tribute to Queen
A tribute to Queen that leaves no one indifferent. With it you can enjoy the band’s greatest hits after more than 10 years on stage.

• Don Patrick
With more than 14 million listeners, Don Patricio arrives in Sabadell to make us sing and dance with his greatest hits.

• Joan Dausa
With his new album Lo Tenim Tot brings vitality and optimism to Sabadell.

• Damaris Gelabert
Repertoire based on his most popular songs and the new ones in a more established format.

• Love love love, a journey through music and love
On stage, fifty musicians grouped by the Vallès Symphony Orchestra and the Love Rock Band show us a strange couple united by love and music.

• The blue House
The Blue House comes to give us a burst of energy and end with full happiness.

• Rosario Flores
Known and recognized for her long professional career, Lola Flores’s daughter will sing her greatest hits along with her new album, released in 2021, I tell you everything.

• Lali Begood
Representative of kindie music, she will make us enjoy with a lot of rhythm and humor.

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