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Essential university material for the new course

The return to the university is getting closer and even some of you have already started classes. Therefore, in today’s post we want to make a compilation of the essential materials to welcome the new academic year. We present our 6 basics that every university student must have to start their study routine in a productive way.

Notebooks or sheets

What is more indispensable than a sheet to be able to write? Although you usually make your notes to the computer, thefolios are another of those materials that can not be missing on a desk or study table.  In fact, several studies verify that taking notes by hand is much more effective when it comes to retaining information since the keyboard does not provide the brain with the tactile feedback provided by the contact between the pen or pen and the paper.

Folios are indispensable bien either to make the first schemes or summaries of study, to synthesize an idea or to capture any occurrence.  Different sizes and different weights, a whole world of possibilities.


In order to have everything up to date, and organize yourself in the best possible way, you need an agenda or a weekly, monthly or daily planner, according to your preferences. Write down all your homework, exams and important dates so you don’t forget anything.

Highlighters or markers

The wide range of marks, colors and thickness of the tip of the markers has made this material an essential when studying.  It is used for everything: underline in notes, create outlines and differentiate ideas or concepts.

There are all colors, shades, brands …pastel smells are the new fashion!  Choose your favorites and start coloring your notes.

Post it

 Sticky notes are indispensable on your study table to write down spontaneous ideas or lists. Although also, they can help you organize your study by prioritizing tasks and meeting objectives.

Post it of all colors, sizes, shapes… Andlig your favorite!

Colored pens and markers

A colored pen allows you to highlight certain concepts or ideas in the text, giving them more importance. They are a very good option to create headers or titles in notes, they can also  serve to underline key content.

You can buy a pack of pens, as it is the best way  to have all the colors at a cheaper price.  You can choose the thickness of the tip and choose the brand that best suits you.

Folders or cabinets

To maintain order between your notes and papers, the best way to save them is in folders or filing cabinets. Having several subjects, having a filing cabinet is essential in the day to day of a student. 

As you can see, there is a wide range of very necessary and essential products  to be able to carry out the classes in an orderly and effective way. Find your favorite brands of school supplies and buy everything you need, always comparing prices and buying what fits  your real needs.

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