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Sound Response Festival: Embassa’t mini substitute festival

This year 2020 will be largely remembered for all the leisure cancellations we are suffering from: major festivals, plays and cinemas, festivals … In Sabadell we have been left without the Embassa’t Festival this year, but don’t worry it’s not all bad news !!

Although in early September the management of the Embassy announced its cancellation due to the course of the pandemic, they also took the opportunity to inform us of an alternative that has arrived as great news.

The organization has chosen to create a small-format musical proposal at Fira Sabadell, scheduled for October 9-10-11, christened Resposta Sonora.

As Arnau Solsona, director of the Embassa’t, explained to the media: “This 2020 we want to see concerts, so we have opted for a proposal that will fit about 150 people in each session.”

This mini festival will offer a total of seven concerts at a price of 10 euros each ticket, all with an opening act: a DJ who will receive attendees while they drink something.

According to Solsona: “The aim is for the stage to start moving around Catalonia, for cycles similar to the one in Sabadell to take place in the spring of 2021 in other places.” In fact, it is about “We are committed to local artists, the idea is to think about the locality where it is done and the region,” he added.

Núria Graham, Pavvla, Medalla, Egosex, Ferran Palau, Chaqueta de Chandal and The Tyets will take part in this first edition of the Sabadell Sound Response Festival, accompanied by the electronic artists Space, Tutu, Sama Yax, Lucient, Alicia Carrera, Museless DJ Set and Titi Calor.

From the Residencia d’Estudiants l’Estació de Sabadell we congratulate the management of the Embassa’t for having thought of this fantastic solution and we wish them the best of luck.

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