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Sanitary measures inside the Student Residence, Sabadell Station

At the Sabadell Station Residence Hall, we take the health measures that must be carried out very seriously, with the clear aim of curbing the spread and spread of the Covid-19 virus within all our possibilities. .

The first thing we did was to hire the services of a specialized company to develop a very strict cleaning protocol. We believe that given the moment we are going through worldwide, the most important thing is to mark this protocol in order to follow it rigorously and wisely.

Sanitary measures stipulated in the Student Residence, Sabadell Station

Here are the health measures we have started to carry out in our student residence, marked among others within the protocol:

  • Temperature checks These checks are carried out on all residents and workers of the residence hall, and we carry it out several times during the week. We also do this for all people outside the residence who have to enter, such as maintenance staff, distributors, etc …. to whom we control the temperature before entering the facilities of the residence.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the rooms of the residence once a week. In addition, we have provided each room with a disinfectant liquid for residents to use.
  • In common areas, such as the dining room, the stipulated distances are maintained and specifically in the dining room, the tables and chairs are disinfected before and after each meal.
  • We have information posters and hydro-alcohol dispensers in all the rooms and corridors of the student residence.

Following these measures, we will be on the right track so that the Sabadell Station Residence Hall is a safe place for all of us who live there. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

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