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Time management for students

For everyone, a day lasts 24 hours. But while many make good use of their time, others spend the day flying around and arrive at the end of the day with the feeling that they have not taken full advantage of it.

If you are living your academic stage, it is essential that you make the most of each of the minutes you spend training; but you also have to rest and enjoy leisure time. To achieve this, it is key to learn how to get proper time management.

The importance of good time management

There is the so-called Theory or Rule of the Three 8s, which consists of dividing the day into three parts: 8 hours to sleep, 8 hours to work and 8 hours to enjoy. In an ideal world it would be like that, but in real life it is very difficult to balance the day in this way. Therefore, the organization of the time we have is the responsibility of each one. In short, time management and planning are key elements to succeed in your studies and achieve your goals.

Tips for good time management

If you want to make the most of your study time, it is important that you organize and plan your day. Here are some guidelines to help you:

PLANNING. Make a schedule with the time you spend studying each day, but it also includes hours of rest that are essential for clearing the mind. Be rigorous with this planning and try to follow it.

PLACE. For many hours you spend studying if the atmosphere is not right, it will be of little use. Look for a quiet space where you can’t be interrupted.

REST. It is important that you rest well and have enough hours so that your performance will be better.

WILLPOWER. He approaches the study with a positive attitude, with desire and determination. And don’t let anything, unless it’s vital, stop you from studying when you’ve established it.

GOALS. Set realistic goals for your schedule and goals. Achieving what you set out to do is like a positive energy injection that helps you move forward.

OCI. It is essential that you set aside time for leisure and to enjoy life. If you only study, you will end up overwhelmed. It is better to take a break, but always in a balanced way.

REVIEW. A very useful way to consolidate what has been learned is to review the subject right after class. Try it this way and you’ll see how you get better performance. This time spent will give you great results.

PAUSES. It is essential that you take short breaks or breaks when you are studying. They will help you to relax and resume tasks with renewed strength.

As you can see, by following habits that balance us and manage our time, our performance will be much more efficient.

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