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Advantages of a Student Residence

During adolescence and, more specifically, the study stage, all the decisions we make and our environment directly influence our grades and future. Therefore, choosing a positive and inspiring environment can help us focus on our studies and obtain better results.

A good study environment, for its many advantages, is a student residence. Thus, from the Residencia de Estudiantes l’Estació de Sabadell we reveal some of the benefits of living in a residence to advise you on this important decision.

Characteristics of a student residence

It is an academic service that offers accommodation to students of different levels, with university students being the most common. Therefore, these residences can be independent or be associated with a university. It is also common for this type of residential centers to offer dining and laundry service, to facilitate the day-to-day tasks of the students who live there during the school year.

In addition, they have other facilities and rooms dedicated to both study and free time, which allow the socialization of residents while focusing on their obligations as students.

Main advantages of a student residence

  • Comfortable services to facilitate your daily tasks: Your basic needs for accommodation, hygiene and food, among others, will be more than covered.
  • Socialization with other students: You will be able to meet new friends and people with the same concerns and obligations in which you can support yourself during this stage. You will also develop your skills of coexistence, tolerance and cultural background.
  • Promote maturity: Staying in a residence will allow you to become independent and be the one who manages your life, which will ensure your personal growth.
  • Favorable environment for the study: You will benefit from Wi-Fi connection, libraries and other resources that facilitate your studies. In addition, the work environment will allow you to concentrate and motivate yourself in your academic tasks.
  • You can enjoy your free time, accompanied by other students who share your hobbies. In addition, the residences hold different events and have rooms and facilities dedicated to leisure and rest.
  • Different student profiles: Generally, in a residence access is public and simple, in addition the regulations are usually less rigid than in other similar institutions.
  • The biggest difference with a college is that it also gives additional training based on culture and morality. Also, the colleges usually have a higher occupancy and rates.

If after these useful tips you choose to settle in a student residence, the Residencia de Estudiantes l’Estació de Sabadell is your best option. Our recent construction of only 8 years and our privileged location are some of our strengths. Feel at home thanks to our amenities and residents. If you study in Gimbernat, Barcelona and surroundings, contact us for your stay during the academic year. We are waiting for you!

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