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Techniques to succeed in your exams

Exam times are often the most stressful times for college students. These assessments will be crucial and important for your future. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good organization and planning to follow daily. In addition, it is essential to have this planning to ensure that there is free time for leisure and rest.

At the Estació de Estudiants d’Estudiants de Sabadell we are direct spectators every year when the exam periods of our residents arrive. The facilities of the residence are crucial at this time: family rooms and designed for our residents so that they can concentrate and dedicate the study time they need.

Tips and methods to succeed in your exams

Take a look at the tips we have left for you today to improve your study sessions that you are sure to see reflected in the final results:

Create regular sessions

The first is to mark study habits that you can easily follow in your day to day life. Regularly studying information holds up better than doing marathon study sessions the days before exams. In addition, the closer the date of the exam, the more stress and overload the body will cause. Therefore, it is important to study slowly so that when the date of the exam arrives you only have to review.

It starts with the Pascal method

Have you ever heard of the Pascal technique? This method consists of a quick reading of the subject to be studied to get a general idea of the content. The next step is to do a comprehensive reading this time while emphasizing the most important parts. As an extra, you can create an outline or summary of everything you have highlighted to facilitate the final review.

Evaluate yourself as if you were being examined

You can practice with exams from previous years or with exercises similar to the ones you did in class and that could come out in the exams. This way, you will be able to know what level of knowledge and preparation you are in and also detect the parts that you need to reinforce.

These practices can be easily carried out if you are well organized from the beginning. If you are staying in a student residence, look for the places that are most conducive to concentration: either in your room to get away from distractions, or in the study rooms where in addition to studying you can share with your classmates any questions or queries you may have about any topic. Either way, plan and follow your marked routines.

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