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How to fight climate change from a student residence

Fortunately, society is becoming more and more aware of the problems facing our planet due to climate change and global warming. All those who stay in a student residence while pursuing their studies can also help to combat this situation.

In order to prevent this situation from becoming irreversible, numerous actions are being taken to raise awareness and sensitize the population. But in addition, at a particular level, there are habits that can be changed and adapted to everyday life and with which we will be helping to curb the problem.

Have you ever wondered what actions you can take in your daily life to combat climate change?

Here are some actions you can follow in your day-to-day life for the benefit of the planet.

Compliance with the 3R rule

Have you ever heard of the 3Rs of sustainability?

Reduces: consumption of materials and energy; in this way you will be able to be more efficient in the use and at the same time you will save economically. Basic examples would be carrying your own bags when you go shopping; turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, soaping yourself in the shower or soaping your dishes; put washing machines with the maximum load to optimize their use …

Reuse: The most sustainable waste is that which is not produced. Print notes and exams on both sides of the sheets; give away all the study material that you no longer use, I’m sure someone else needs it and won’t have to buy it. Share books with your classmates ….

Recycle: everything you consume. In the kitchen, dining room, dormitory room, separate the waste and dispose of it in the appropriate container.

Avoid ghost consumption

In the technological age we are in, we have more and more electronic devices, which we have to keep plugged in or charge regularly. Many times instead of turning off the TV with the button on the device itself we do it with the remote control. This mode of “stand by” is what is known as ghost consumption and represents an average of 10% of consumption. Avoid leaving appliances in standby mode and all those plugged into a power strip, do not forget to turn off the power strip when not in use, as well as unplug the chargers when charging is complete.

Change of habits in transport

As a general rule, student residences are usually located at strategic points to facilitate the mobility of residents. As is the case of our student residence in Sabadell, which enjoys a privileged location communicating easily and quickly with the Autonomous University of Barcelona. You can therefore avoid using your car or motorbike and use the public transport at your disposal.

These are just some of the actions you can take to combat climate change. You can easily follow them at the Sabadell Station residence hall.

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