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Selectivity and operation of cut notes

The Selectivity or University Admission Test (PAU) consists of a series of exams that aim to assess the knowledge and skills acquired during the Baccalaureate so that the student can successfully complete the university courses. .

What are the cut notes?

The cut-off mark is the minimum mark required to be eligible for a university degree and will therefore be the minimum mark that the student must have in order to be accepted.

The cut-off or entrance mark refers to the result obtained from 60% of the Baccalaureate average and 40% of the general selectivity phase.

It should be noted that universities usually have a certain number of places, so they will accept candidates according to the cut-off mark they have achieved, starting first with those students who have obtained the highest entrance marks.

Curiosities about the cut notes

VALID ONLY AT PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES à at private universities there are no cut-off marks because it is accessed mainly, and among other factors or criteria, of the available places they have and the payment made to be able to enter .

THEY ARE VARIING The cut-off marks may vary each year for various reasons, such as the number of existing candidates, the demand for work in society of that particular degree, which suddenly has a lot of interest and rises the note in order to avoid a crowd of students …

THEY DON’T BE LINKED TO THE DIFFICULTY OF THE RACE that one cut-off score is higher than another does not mean that we are talking about a more difficult race. As mentioned above, it can be higher to control the access of candidates so that the profile of the students can be selected correctly.

Don’t let the cut-throat make you stop studying what you really want

If you have in mind a career in which currently the cut-off score may be higher than you expected, do not throw in the towel. Keep trying because it is very possible that you will succeed. Also, things can change a lot from year to year, and maybe when you pre-register and put your favorite career first, you’re more likely to get into it next year.

From the Student Residence at Sabadell Station we give you our encouragement to study what really makes you happy. We assure you that every year at the student residence we see all sorts of things! Feel free to stay at the student residence in Sabadell to share your experience with us and your colleagues.

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