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The Sant Cugat High Performance Sports Center

In the last article published on the Resest blog, we talked about the aviation schools that are present at Sabadell Airport. So today we change the drivers for the athletes: we will talk about the Sant Cugat High Performance Sports Center.

Between Bellaterra and the municipality of Sant Cugat, located just 15 minutes by car from the Sabadell Residence Hall, we find the CAR – High Performance Sports Center, a sports support body because this be internationally competitive, optimizing resources of the highest technical and scientific quality.

The integral training of the athlete is a fundamental objective of the CAR from the beginning

To this end, the CAR has the necessary means for the comprehensive training of athletes and makes society a participant in the knowledge generated by its activities.

For the CAR, the academic and human training of each person is as or more important than the strictly sports one. For this reason, CAR athletes can study ESO and Baccalaureate at the Institute located within the same facilities.

The CAR’s sports facilities are numerous, with more than 20 different sports in Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Fencing, Football, Beach Soccer, Futsal, Strength-Bodybuilding, Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. , Rhythmic Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Roller Hockey, Wrestling, Swimming, Taekwondo, Tennis, Table Tennis, Shooting, Gymnastics, Trampoline, Track Volleyball and Beach Volleyball.

The services that CAR offers to athletes can be summarized in four sections:

  • Science, Medicine and Technology: The Science, Medicine and Technology Unit makes up the technical support services area for CAR coaches and athletes.
  • Training: The Training Area is made up of support services for the coexistence and training of CAR athletes.
  • Publications: The generation of knowledge is for the CAR a fundamental part in the development of its scientific activity.
  • Customer Service Office: The Customer Service Office (OAC) is the department responsible for coordinating and managing all requests received by the CAR.

At Sabadell Student Residence we are committed to sports and we are happy to accommodate residents who are training in a specialty. If you need more information about the services we offer at the Sabadell student residence hall, do not hesitate to contact us and we will explain everything you need to know.

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