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The Sabadell Swimming Club and its participation in the Tokyo Olympic Games

The Sabadell Swimming Club continues to make history by integrating 9 athletes into the Tokyo Olympics. As for this institution, we have available accommodation for athletes in Sabadell, with all the amenities they require. Undoubtedly, the latter is essential to achieve excellent preparation for these Olympics in Japan.

A club with more than 100 years of history

You may have heard of athletes such as Mireia Belmonte, who won two silver medals at the London 2012 Games, or Martín López-Zubero, who won gold in Barcelona 92. Like them, other national and international athletes have passed , who have managed to represent other countries, such as Lara Grangeon, who participated in Rio de Janeiro 2016, for France.

In the Brazilian games, which were in the last edition, the names of Gemma Mengual and Ona Carbonell stood out, who were in the final of artistic swimming duo, performing an excellent discipline.

We have to go back to 1916, when this institution was inaugurated, which will reach its first Olympics in 1948, with the water polo player Joan Serra. Since then, until now, in Tokyo 2020, the Sabadell Swimming Club has continued to prepare athletes for the Olympic Games, achieving an international reputation.

The Tokyo 2020 games

As you know, the Tokyo Olympics had to be postponed until this year, due to the global pandemic that we continue to suffer. Despite the problems it has caused in many athletes and Olympic committees, the Sabadell Swimming Club has had no difficulty in getting 9 athletes to play these games in Japan.

Thus, the club based in Sabadell has the representation of 4 water polo players, who go with the Spanish Olympic Committee, which are Maica García, Irene González, Judith Forca and Laura Ester, with the women’s team. In the men’s we have Bernat Sanahuja. On the part of the Netherlands, in this same modality, are Sabrina Van der Sloot and Maartje Keuning, in the women’s team.

In addition, representing Spain we have Marina Garcia, in swimming, and Ona Carbonell, in artistic swimming, who five years later returns to the Olympic Games, after her participation in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Accommodation for athletes in Sabadell becomes a very important choice, which can mark the stability of their career, as they need a place to rest and that offers them all the comforts. In addition, the location is essential so that they can be easily mobilized around the city, having all the transport services nearby. Like them, you can find this comfort in our Student Residence Sabadell Station. Feel free to visit our website to get to know us better!

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