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The start of the 2021/2022 academic year

Our student accommodation in Sabadell is full of life from the beginning of September. It is very important that students feel at home while enjoying the college stage.

Start of the course at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

The start of the new academic year at the Autonomous University of Barcelona represents the development of a new period. Students face new goals related to completing a degree, an official master’s degree, a postgraduate degree, a doctorate or a specialization course. Students have the opportunity to actively participate in campus life.

The center carries out different cultural initiatives in the field of cinema, dance, theater, art and music. You can consult the schedule of activities to write down those that interest you.

Course 2021/2022 at ESDI

A new year is also beginning for other educational institutions such as ESDI, a center attached to Ramon Llull University. The student can carry out training cycles, study the degree in design, enroll in the master’s degree or complete a postgraduate course. The university environment is humanistic and intergenerational. And, in addition, it promotes the practice of networking and the birth of new friendships.

Some students are in their final year, while others are starting a new stage away from home. The training process is also extended with permanent contact with culture and a visit to the library.

Courses for pilots in Aeroclub

On the other hand, a new stage in Aeroclub begins where different courses for pilots are distributed. The center also offers introductory workshops for those who want to delve into the discovery of this profession.

A new course marked by the pandemic begins

The different academic institutions located in the area bring dynamism to the city of Sabadell. On the other hand, keep in mind that the new course, which is contextualized in the field of the pandemic, is progressing in a more positive scenario than last year.

On the other hand, the students also became familiar during the past year with the protection measures they have to put in place at the center. Hand washing, wearing a mask, and maintaining a safe distance are three essential actions. Security measures that you must also apply in your free time. Remember that your individual responsibility, and that of others, positively influences the common good.

Therefore, if you are looking for student accommodation in Sabadell, keep in mind that there are different types of stays. Our student residence has comfortable facilities and quality services for residents. If you want to receive more information, take the initiative and contact us!

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