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The cut-off marks in Catalonia for this course

Do you already know the cut-off marks for this course to enter college? If you want to be one of the students at the UAB or any other center present in the Catalan capital, we tell you what score you need to choose your favorite career.

The races with the highest cut-off mark

If you plan to study Physics and Mathematics, in its double degree, within the UAB, you should know that, again, it maintains the most demanding cut-off mark, with 13,566. For its part, to access the UB you will need to reach 13,546.

In general, degrees in science usually show high competence. So, if you decide for the UPC, the Mathematics degree will require a grade of 13,218. At the UB, the degree in Medicine raises its cut-off mark compared to last year, now asking for 13,146.

The International Studies in Economics and Business at UPF is another of the careers that follow in the ranking of the most demanding. You need a 13.04 to enter at least this university.

Engineering and careers related to Medicine continue to be among the most demanding, within Catalan institutions. To give you an idea, the lowest grade for access to the Medicine degree can be found at UVic-UCC, with a 12,390.

Other options in high demand

The degree in Psychology has produced a lot of demand for students during this 2021. If you like this specialty, you have the options of UVic-UCC, with a 7.075, as well as the UAB, with a 9.974 or the UB, with a grade of cut of 9,874.

Business Administration and Management is also very attractive. You can access it with a 10,376 at the UAB or with a 5,000 at the EAE University Center, belonging to the UPC.

The degree in Nursing is once again another option that causes expectation among young people. At the UAB an 11,867 is required, while at the UB, in Sant Joan de Déu, 1 10,382.

Races with the lowest cut-off mark

If the careers we presented to you earlier are not within your options, you are probably more fortunate to enter your favorite university. Thus, if you opt for Catalan Philology, at the UAB you will require a minimum grade of 5,000. For its part, the History degree at this same university requires a 5,656.

The degree in Philosophy at the UB has a cut-off mark of 5,598, while at the UAB a grade of 6,438 is required. On the other hand, at the UdG, with 5,000 you will be able to access.

If you want to be one of the UAB students, you will find great comfort, due to its proximity and facilities, at the Sabadell student residence. Compare your grade and we wish you the best of luck to study wherever you want.

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