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Torrent de Colobrers, connect with nature a few minutes from Sabadell

The offer of activities in Sabadell is very varied. Living in a student residence in the city offers numerous advantages, and even more so when the urban environment is just minutes away from nature.

Undoubtedly, the contact with the landscape is very positive for the students. There, in addition, you will find charming walks that will surprise you. Torrent de Colobrers is a route that is located very close to Sabadell, a very relaxing environment accompanied by the pleasant sound of the water of a small river. Are you looking for a student residence in Sabadell to start your university stage? Then enjoy this scenery.

A short circular route and easy to travel

This is an excursion that you can do in the company of friends. You will discover a lush forest that surprises with beautiful images of nature. This enclave has a circular route of low difficulty that can also be done by children. The torrent, which is approximately 6 kilometers long, is a tributary of the river that passes through Sabadell: the Ripoll. Water is one of the most present resources in this environment, as you can see in different sources, being Font de la Tosca one of the most spectacular.

The route along this relaxing nature walk is also accompanied by different wooden walkways. It should be pointed out that the place is part of the Ripoll river park, and is made up of different itineraries. Enjoy an educational activity that will allow you to know the curiosities of the environment and practice the art of photography.

Discover the hermitage of Togores

Near this natural environment you can also discover buildings with history, such as the hermitage of Togores. In fact, this beautiful building has the recognition of cultural property of local interest.

La Foradada, a special place in the Torrent de Colobrers

The route, during the beautiful walk through this natural environment, is accompanied by multiple contrasts, and caves, waterfalls and bridges are integrated into the landscape. One of the most important caves in the enclave is La Foradada. It has a long history, as its origin dates back to the late nineteenth century. In addition, this artificial cave has a very special appearance, as the water of the torrent passes through it.

Therefore, this is one of the activities that students like the most in Sabadell. It is an activity of encounter with nature that will help you disconnect from the academic routine. Contact with such a spectacular landscape promotes calm, well-being, serenity and relaxation. Consequently, the beauty of this environment is an invitation to practice mindfulness.

Visit one of the most beautiful forests in the area! Torrent de Colobrers stands out for its proximity to the Ripoll River Park. Discover our facilities and the environment of our residence!

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