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Reset, why is it the residence you need?

For all of us who have been fortunate enough to live in a student residence, there are thousands of benefits that come to mind, especially when we have completed our college years, when we feel overwhelmed.

Adaptation of the Sabadell Residence Hall to the Covid-19

As we all know, we are in an extreme situation of restrictions and rules of coexistence that we must comply with in every way in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As we have explained in previous articles, in the Student Residence at Sabadell Station we have put in place the appropriate health measures in order to prevent contagion inside the residence.

The more familiar …. the better!

For all the above, this factor is very important today, because thanks to the size of our student accommodation all this situation and adaptation is much easier than in other cases.

The Sabadell Station Residence Hall has 18 double rooms, which can accommodate a total of 36 students. Thanks to this number of students, the reorganization of the residence hall has been very bearable. Residents can continue to live almost the same as before the pandemic, which is very valuable for all of us who live there.

Category facilities and services within a family student residence

Just because we are a family-run student residence does not mean that we cannot offer upscale services and enjoy luxurious facilities. Precisely because it is a small-capacity student accommodation, it allows residents to enjoy the facilities and services 100% without suffering from congestion. In addition, we must not forget the large sun terrace at the top, with leisure and relaxation furniture.

Privileged location

The Sabadell Student Residence is located in front of the Generalitat de Catalunya Railway Station, which connects Sabadell with Barcelona, 6 minutes from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and 50 meters from Sabadell city bus stops. As you can see, the situation is unbeatable especially for those students who do not have their own vehicle, as the transport time is minimal.

We can list many more advantages of living in our student residence in Sabadell, but the most valuable advice we can give you is that you do not forget to make the most of the years in which you live, because ….. they will fly and they will be unforgettable !!

If you are interested in receiving more information about the Sabadell Station Student Residence, do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you of everything you need.

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