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The ESDI Training Offer for this 2021

Job competition is growing where companies are looking for profiles that can provide much more than a single type of knowledge or skill. With this in mind, let’s take a look at part of ESDI Sabadell’s offer for 2021.

Master in Digital Art Curation

This master’s degree seeks to train curators of exhibitions and cultural management, all from a marked fusion of art theory, design with criticism and digital technologies. And the fact is that digital is already permeating reality in such a way that art cannot escape it. That is why today’s curator must be imbued with the changes that this new medium has brought to the creative scene. His roles include being a digital art critic. And, for this reason, this master’s degree will provide you with the necessary knowledge to detect the ethos, pathos and logos that the artist carries out in each work.

Postgraduate in 3D Character Design for Online Video Games

In life there are good and bad bets; studying this master’s degree is one of the best. And video games are here to stay. There is more and more demand and therefore more work. Train yourself to think and create the characters of tomorrow with a postgraduate degree that will teach you everything related to the creative processes involved in an art that many call “the eighth.” Concept, modeling, sculpting, retopology and a long list of other techniques await you in the live performances of this postgraduate course that promises to catapult the best companies and projects in the world.

Master in Fashion, Image and Fashion Communication

In recent years, fashion has become a crucial part of the genome of societies. The different currents have ceased to be a necessity to be a symbol, an identity. Aware of its importance, ESDI offers this master’s degree to make you an expert capable of communicating all the complexity that encloses a piece and thus enhance brands. Definitely a great caliber option if yours is fashion.

Master in Interface Design and User Experience (UI / UX)

For the tenth consecutive year, ESDI offers a master’s degree focused on creating professionals capable of providing UI / UX solutions to companies in terms of connecting their goals with the needs of the user. With a solid methodology used to design and develop digital realities, you will learn how to apply the techniques to cover the whole process.

In short, ESDI Sabadell offers you the most advanced training adapted to your needs. Go to their website and find out more!

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