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how to get good grades

Tips to study in an organized way and get good grades

Although there is no exact science, there are a number of study techniques that can help the student get good grades. It is a series of habits and customs that, once internalized, will favor learning in any subject.

Tips to get good grades

Therefore, in today’s post, we offer you some  basic tips that will help you study in an organized way and therefore get good grades.   

  • Sleep well.  It is essential to rest properly each night to increase concentration and performance during study hours. Therefore, sleep must be restorative, that is, in the morning we are fresh, awake and relaxed. Also, it is not advisable to study at dawn, since, during those hours, our ability to memorize and remember what we have learned is considerably reduced.
  • Take breaks between study hours. It is impossible to maintain concentration in the studio for more than an hour. That is why it is vital that periodic breaks are made, in which we can take advantage, for example, to go for a walk that helps us disconnect.
  • Eliminate elements that distract us. Electronic devices are one more element in our day to day, but to study we have  to set them aside to avoid distractions.
  • Do not mix subjects.  It is advisable to  focus  the concentration on a specific subject during each hour of study. Do not intend to study all at once in a short space of time. Organize the study with a work plan by subject.
  • Don’t leave everything for last. Many students make the big mistake of leaving study for the day before the exam. Big mistake both for knowledge retention and to successfully pass exams. It is best to divide the study and subjects into days or weeks. Planning is, without a doubt, our best ally for academic performance.
  • Exercise. Exercising is vital in life to stay in shape and, of course, to improve  our academic performance, since with its practice we also train our mind. So, take advantage of every day  you can and practice the sport that you like the most.
  • Boost photographic memory with colors in texts.  Underlining the phrases or keywords of the texts helps to memorize better. It is important to underline with different colors so that our brain associates knowledge with specific colors. Fluorescent markers are key.

Applying these tips you will see how studying is more enjoyable, or at least, more bearable. You will find it easier to stay focused, you will see that it will cost you less to overcome laziness and start studying, and you will see how you can advance faster in your learning, with less effort. Thanks to them, we are sure that you will  get good grades and get the title!

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