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TIC tools that every student should know

One of our goals as a student residence is to make students’  lives easier.  That’s why today we want to talk about some ICT tools that every student should know for their class work, both individual and group.

With increasingly advanced technology, it  is normal that students must also learn other ways to do their work and school presentations of quality, and with different possibilities.  Below, we show 4 tools that every student should know to  get the most out of their projects: 2 more focused on the organization and another 2 to create unique designs.


Increasingly, the online world is something that is in our day to day. Therefore, it is not strange that at some point, you find yourself in the situation of having to do group work, with someone who does not live near you. Therefore, Trello isa great tool for teamwork and remotely. It is very visual, specially designed to develop team projects. It works in the form of boards and allows you to add all kinds of files, checklist, add tags… The boards can be organized based on cards so that the whole team can access and have clear information. In addition, registration is free.

Other tools similar to Trello can be Asana, Airtable, or Workzone.


Another option that will allow you to organize all the ideas and structure the content of the work is to meet around a virtual whiteboard; that’s what Miro is. This besides being simple to use is free, you can do from brainstorming to meetings with videoconferences. You can create flowcharts, graphs, tables, etc.  You have different templates to configure the whiteboard and it integrates with other tools.


A way to make all the information, a perfect summary with a unique design. Infographics are a very visual way to condense a lot of information. This tool is specialized in the creation of infographics. It’s simple to use and has quite a few free options.


This graphic design page stands out for its simplicity and versatility. It is ideal for making a cover because it allows you to produce infinite designs on your own material or on the templates offered by the application.  You can also use shapes, images, or illustrations. Create titles or even make different creatives for your works. It will leave your teachers speechless!

These ICT tools for your work will add points and make them unique. Use them, experiment and make the most of them. From the residence for university students Sabadell, we hope that this information will help you so that all the work they send you is much more bearable and you enjoy doing them.

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