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The most demanded races this 2020 in Catalonia

As we mentioned in previous articles on our blog, the cut-off mark is the one with which the last person entered each lesson. Therefore, this grade varies each year and it is not known until the allocation of places in the university has been made, although the cut-off marks from previous courses can serve as a guide for future students.

Every year, the cut-off marks of the public universities and the affiliated centers of these universities are published.
Private universities are not usually governed by the cut-off mark. To enter a private university, you must pre-register directly at the university and take into account your admission criteria.

Catalan Universities: Offer of Degrees

The different Catalan universities have a wide range of official degrees and master’s degrees. Each of these studies has its own characteristics. It is very important to analyze in detail the description of the training and its curriculum in order to decide what to study and where.

Ranking of the most demanded studies in Catalonia

During the pre-registration at the university for the year 2020, the 10 most requested studies in Catalonia have been the ones listed below. This elaboration has been carried out on the basis of information from the Generalitat de Catalunya’s University Channel:

OrdreStudyUniversityNumber of placesApplicants in 1st preferenceCut-off note
1Medicine (Clinical Campus)UB1721,68713,135
3Business ManagementUB7809258,848
4 MedicineUAB32091712,718
5Nursing (Bellvitge Campus)UB31583511,198
6 PsychologyUAB3608209,348
7Computer engineeringUPC40074610,148
8 MedicineURV12571512,791
10Physical Activity and Sport SciencesUB15061110,236

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