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The best reading books of 2022

New year, new challenges and resolutions. For this reason, from Resest we want to make you a compilation of the best reading books of 2022 for adolescents. From the most sought after romance novels to the most engaging fantasy books and even titles recommended by psychologists. How many of them have you read? We read you in the comments.

After december

Love breaks can make time pass in a different way, alien to the natural rhythm of life. At least that’s how Jenna Brown, the protagonist of this story, felt it. For her, going a year without Jack had been a real challenge. One that, however, she had managed to overcome. But to keep moving toward her goals, Jenna will have to return home, to the place where she started it all and where the consequences of the decisions she made a year ago await her. Our protagonist is convinced that everything that happened before December is part of the past, but… What will happen after December?


It’s one of the best-selling titles for both adults and teens and one of the psychologists’ recommended reading for teens. And it is that, if there is something that this book by Eloy Moreno achieves, it is to make us reflect. Specifically on issues such as bullying and harassment, all that this means for the people who suffer it and how each of us may have collaborated without even realizing it.


Within the category of romantic novels for teenagers, Boulevard stands out, which since its publication in May 2020 has managed to remain in Amazon’s top sales week after week. A very beautiful story, according to the readers who have walked through its pages, which engages and does not leave you indifferent.

Until we run out of stars

A drunk youtuber who has lost his passion for his channel, and who can’t get a girl out of his head who is dating her best friend. A girl who does not stop having the same recurring nightmare since she had the accident: the light of a star falters.

Crave: Crave Series

First of Tracy Wolff’s Crave series books. A girl with the power to overcome fear, a vampire tormented by her past. The meeting place? The coldest place on all Earth. Gods, monsters and humans… on which side will the protagonist of this addictive story be?

The Alaska Sanders case

I know what you have done. This message, found in the pants pocket of Alaska Sanders, whose body appeared on April 3, 1999 on the edge of Lake Mount Pleasant, a small town in New Hampshire, is the key to the exciting new investigation.
A new literary addictive intrigue, with the multi-time structure, the twists and the hectic pace that are the unmistakable hallmarks of Joël Dicker.

The map of desires

What if they gave you a map to find out who you are? Would you follow the marked route to the end?
Imagine that you are destined to save your sister, but in the end she dies and the reason for your existence vanishes. That’s what happens to Grace Peterson. Until she gets her hands on The Map of Longing game, and by following the instructions, the first thing she has to do is find someone named Will Tucker, who she’s never heard of, and who’s about to embark on a journey with her. journey straight to the heart, full of vulnerabilities and forgotten dreams, longings and unexpected affections.

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