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mejores restaurantes sabadell estudiantes

The best restaurants in Sabadell for students

Apart from studying and living in your student residence  , how can you discover new places to enjoy a good lunch or dinner with your class friends? Dis from  the Sabadell Student Residence, we are going to share the 3 best restaurants in Sabadell for university students.  They are places  with a good atmosphere and with an excellent quality – price.  You can see more about them on their networks or the internet.

Sabadell has a wide range of options, from restaurants with vegetarian food, to others with gluten-free options or  other food allergies or intolerances. Read on to get to know some of the best restaurants for university students in Sabadell with  which you should go with your friends.

The best restaurants for university students

  1. Vita Viridis (valuation of 9.5 and average price € 20): Vegetarian and vegan gastronomic refuge located in the center of Sabadell. If you live or study nearby, the restaurant’s menu of the day makes this establishment your second home. Fresh, seasonal, local and organic products are the basis of its proposal. Spirulina noodles with yogurt sauce with miso, amburger of millet and vegetables, seitan fricando and cabbage cage’s anelones are just a sample of his gastronomic intentions.
  2. Incògnit Bar (valuation of 8.4 and average price 20€): Restaurant in the center of Sabadell with  international food (burgers, tequeños, tapas, salads, toast …) with endless options (including vegan).
  3. Tanins (valuation of 9.6 and average price 18€): Restaurant in the heart of Sabadell with Mediterranean food (fish, meat, more gourmet options, but at an incredible price…). Includes gluten-free options.

These are just some of the many restaurants that Sabadell has.  Iwould not   love to know your opinion in comments, what kind of restaurants do you like? Do you usually eat out?   We read you!

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