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History of the Sabadell Station Student Residence

The history of the Student Residence at Sabadell Station, in Barcelona, began in 2012. Since then, and thanks to its unbeatable geographical location, it has served as accommodation for hundreds of students. students. Located in front of Can Feu-Gracia Station, arriving at the Autonomous University of Barcelona does not require more than six minutes by metro. It is also just fifty meters from Sabadell city buses.

A residence built to satisfy students

Our student residence was built especially for all those who want to improve academically. Students will have as much independence to set their schedules and rhythms as they do safety. With this combination, we ensure that they do not have to worry about anything other than their future job.

The modern building is air conditioned at home. Thanks to this, the people who live there will be able to enter and leave whenever they deem it appropriate. We also have a reception service during the day, to be able to attend to any matter that may arise.

The house has a maximum capacity of thirty-six students, distributed in eighteen double rooms. Having so few residents makes it so much quieter and remarkably helps to be able to study at any time. There will be no noise at the wrong time and the necessary privacy that the study requires will be maintained.

A place to advance academically

The student residence also has common leisure areas. In this way, it is ensured that boys and girls can have that much-needed social contact at this age. There are also study areas in the common areas, in addition to what you will find in your own rooms. Our priority is to transform ourselves into a perfect home for all our residents and provide them with everything they need to excel academically.

We offer certain services to make life easier for our students. Among them, the weekly cleaning of all the rooms, which will always be conditioned for your use and enjoyment. They will also have access to a kitchen, where you will find all the necessary utensils and a laundry room. The presence of natural water sources and vending machines should be noted. A luxury of conditions so that there is no worries beyond studying and enjoying a stage like this.

In the rooms you will find two beds, extra shelves to place all the books and wardrobes for storing clothes. They also have private bathrooms and services such as Internet access and a flat-rate telephone.

If you are thinking of going to a student residence, Sabadell Station has everything you need and much more. Feel free to contact us and request more information about this.

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