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Gimbernat and Tomàs Cerdà University Schools

Do you know Gimbernat university schools? They are integrated by the campuses of Sant Cugat and Torrelavega. The first is formed by the university schools of computer science, nursing and physiotherapy. Torrelavega offers specialized training in speech therapy and physiotherapy.

Offer of academic degrees

Students have the opportunity to do Training Cycles that are part of a university environment. In fact, undergraduate classes are also taught in the facilities where the subjects are taught. Therefore, the institution provides a wide range of academic degrees. Students grow up in an environment that trains professionals in excellence. Degrees, master’s degrees, postgraduate courses, training cycles and courses make up the catalog of this multidisciplinary environment.

Mobility programs to study abroad

The student can enjoy an international training thanks to the mobility programs. In this way, he lives for a period of time in a foreign destination. He has the opportunity to perfect a language, network and get to know the work environment of the country. At the same time, the university community of Gimbernat schools provides a multicultural environment. Keep in mind that it welcomes students from different parts of the world.

Learning focused on skills and goals

The methodological approach lies in training aimed at acquiring new skills. Thus, the student acquires the qualification and preparation required to work in a changing context. As you can see, the student finds the right space to develop his true vocation. A value, that of vocation, which is at the heart of the educational project. Not in vain, the teaching staff is fully involved and committed to the work. They are vocational teachers who, at the same time, inspire students in fulfilling their mission.

The institution promotes the dissemination of knowledge

Gimbernat schools encourage constant research in different disciplines. They support the promotion of knowledge in nursing, computer science and physiotherapy. Students have the opportunity to continue their doctoral studies. Over the years these schools have participated in various research projects. The teachers who make up the institution participate in prestigious publications. They write articles on specialized topics. If you want, you can consult some of his works.

As you can deduce from the data we have provided you along these lines, Gimbernat University Schools train the new generations of talent in excellence. When an academic stage takes place away from home, it is important to find the ideal accommodation. An accommodation that invites you to concentrate, make the most of your time and meet your goals. It is a priority for the student and the whole family. Discover the facilities of La Residència d’Estudiants l’Estació de Sabadell!

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