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The Final Degree Project, what it means for a student

In our student residence we promote an atmosphere of study, work and camaraderie throughout the year. Thus, our final year residents are generally motivated and aware of their academic situation. At this stage, the final degree project is one of their main occupations, and it can be more than a headache for them. Now, what does that mean for students? And what factors usually help them overcome it?

Why is the final degree project or TFG so important?

This is an individual and autonomous work that, advised and guided by a tutor, is carried out by each university student before they can complete the training. It must be an original project, innovative and never presented before by that student during his career or in other degrees. The topic and development are decided jointly by the student and the tutor.

The importance of this task is considerable, especially because it is the first application of all the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their training. The practical work that has been done throughout the degree has basically consisted of procedures aimed at developing the necessary knowledge and skills. But, in this final work, the aim is to capture all the training obtained in the specialty. It would be a representation of this knowledge to make all universities and formations pursue.

Consequently, the TFG demands an intense, dedicated and prolonged task, which includes permanent visits to the office of the academic advisor, continuous research tasks and exhaustive documentation in different locations. In addition to fieldwork, it requires a conscientious task of reflection, analysis, and elaboration. And for that, having a good workspace and proper facilities will be crucial.

The importance of a residence for the TFG

Our experience shows us that students staying in a student residence with good services and optimized spaces feel more comfortable and free to face their final degree project.

The study environment and contact with other multi-career students becomes a permanent stimulus. In addition, it encourages the discovery of other points of view on the subject, which will help to go deeper into the work. The peace of mind of enjoying specific areas of study, not having to do housework and having additional resources and collaborators are other important factors for most college students who opt for residencies.

From our student residence we try to support our residents during their academic activity. And, of course, we are at your disposal to motivate and support them in this final degree project that is so important for the future. Find out now.

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