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Tips for improving concentration

During the hard times of the course, such as exam times, or those in which assignments are to be submitted, sleep, mood, and desire to do things are altered. Improved concentration will help you avoid stress and make the most of your study hours.

At Resest we have facilities and common areas designed especially for the study, so that you can enjoy the ideal environment that will facilitate the concentration you need. Also, if you prefer, the rooms at the Sabadell Station Residence Hall have a comfortable study area.

Concentration can be exercised and trained

In order to work better for one’s own benefit, concentration can be exercised and trained. To achieve this, two fundamental aspects need to be improved: on the one hand, mental self-regulation, which consists of training the mind to focus and maintain attention; on the other hand, the control of environmental factors, to ensure that noise, lighting, etc … are suitable for oneself.

Main goal: to avoid as many distractions as possible

There are a number of ways to improve your concentration and avoid being distracted and having your mind set on studying. Today, from the Sabadell student residence, we will highlight the following:


This philosophy is to involve your whole mind in the work you are doing. For example, during lunch or dinner, don’t be distracted by the TV. Focus on what you have on the plate: colors, flavors, shapes … You can apply it to the studio in the same way. When you pay close attention to the meaning of the words in the text you are reading, without being distracted by external factors, you will focus your attention on understanding what you are reading and the time spent will be rewarding.

Mental division of worries

There are times when we can’t concentrate because we have a thoughtful mind on things that have happened to us that we care about. In order to get rid of these thoughts, it is good to take time out to focus on those concerns. We can write them down on a piece of paper, for example, which will help us to sort out ideas and see things more clearly. So when we start studying, we will be free of the mind and we will be able to focus on the task.

Define stages and goals

If we are in a time of much work, it is important to divide the work into small goals and objectives. We can imagine it as a ladder: when we reached the last step we had to climb a few to reach the top. Each step would be like a challenge to reach the final goal.

As we mentioned earlier, today we focus on just a few of the methods that can help us focus on our study time. Soon, from the Student Residence, Estació de Sabadell, we will give more advice on why you still have more information that may be of interest to you.

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