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Estudiar Medicina a la UAB

Studying Medicine at the UAB

If your dream is to be a doctor and you are not sure where to study, studying Medicine at the UAB is an option to keep in mind. This faculty has a history of more than 50 years, where thousands of Spanish and foreign students are trained each year. Here are some reasons to choose this university for your medical studies.

High expectations when it comes to getting a job

The healthcare sector includes the professions that currently have the most job opportunities, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. Specifically, in the field of Medicine, professionals can choose to pursue the profession in any of their specialties, but they can also pursue teaching or research.

A doctor can choose to work in both the public and private sectors. Catalonia has more than 60 public hospitals and around 140 private ones. Therefore, we are talking about an autonomous community that is very conducive for medical professionals to be able to perform their function.

Internships play a very important role in the training of doctors

The practical part acquires a very prominent role in teaching. In the case of the UAB School of Medicine, these internships take place in hospitals and primary care health centers. Some of these centers where students will do these exercises are Vall d’Hebron Hospital or Sant Pau.

Quality training

An objective that defines the teaching of the UAB Faculty of Medicine is its high level. Improvements are continuously being made and evaluations are being carried out to achieve optimal quality standards, in line with European standards.

The Internal Quality Assurance System of this faculty comprises the delimitation and tracking of a policy and objectives in accordance with the institutional strategic lines. It also includes monitoring the needs of the different groups that make up the education system, such as teachers or administrative and service staff. Finally, it should be mentioned that a monitoring process is carried out periodically where the results of the academic year are analyzed.

Proximity to the student

On the UAB website, students can find a step-by-step guide on how to enroll, as well as all the useful information for students regarding class calendars and schedules.

So, if your dream is to become a doctor, don’t think about it anymore and decide to study Medicine at the UAB. Quality training and a long career are the guarantees offered by this university.

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