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The CAR of Sant Cugat, very close to the Student Residence Sabadell Station

One of the key things you should consider when choosing a student residence is its location. It is advisable that it is close and well connected, of course, to the places you will have to move during your higher studies.

It is also an excellent indicator that it is well connected with strategic enclaves and destinations in the city and its surroundings. This is precisely what is happening with the Sabadell Station Residence Hall.

An extraordinary location

If you stay in this student residence, you will have in front of you the Can Feu-Gràcia station that belongs to the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya. For practical purposes, this translates into the fact that you will reach the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 6 minutes and the center of Barcelona, without transfers, in about 40 minutes.

Located in a quiet area of Sabadell, very close to the center, it allows you to enjoy the advantages of a large city, as well as do without several of its disadvantages.

The CAR of Sant Cugat, a nearby location

The High Performance Center (CAR) is an organization that promotes sport to make it more competitive worldwide. Its goal is to optimize, through technical and scientific development, the performance and abilities of the best athletes.

However, it does not give up on also increasing the training of all these athletes, as human preparation is considered a priority over merely sports training.

The permanent CAR group includes athletes in athletics, motorsport, basketball, amateur boxing, orienteering, fencing, alpine skiing, gymnastics, golf, weightlifting, wrestling, motorcycling, swimming, skating, modern pentathlon, ice skeleton sports , taekwondo-combat, tennis, table tennis, triathlon, Olympic shooting, sailing and beach volleyball, as well as spaces and follow-up for cerebral palsy-Bocia.

Its facilities offer excellent facilities for exercise and training. Training groups are often formed and the presence of specialists in the promotion of high sports performance makes possible the advancement of many of the participants.

They can attend ESO and Baccalaureate classes at an institute located within the center itself. The facilities incorporate a modern residence for rallies, which is attended by many national and international teams.

A real advantage

The proximity and good connection between the CAR of Sant Cugat and the Student Residence Sabadell Station is a very attractive attribute for many. In fact, the distance between the two locations is about 13 kilometers, which you can travel by car in less than 20 minutes.

In short, if your training activity is related to the CAR of Sant Cugat or simply looking for a family Student Residence with good services, care and facilities in the environment of Barcelona, you are in the right place. Enter our website and take the 360º virtual tour from your device.

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