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Sabadell, a city of the future

Companies in Sabadell are increasingly betting on this city of the future. Students never stop arriving to pursue their academic courses, get started in the world of work and enjoy the landscapes and ways of life. One of the most sought after businesses for them is student residences. In them, they can enjoy the privacy of a room to share with roommates who are likely to remain their lifelong friends. The location in the city is essential for them to choose.

Which companies in Sabadell are booming?

As is happening in almost every part of the world, startups are growing at an impressive rate. Sabadell is a great city to install them. With so many students, there is a youthful atmosphere and this allows for the proliferation of a variety of cultural and entertainment options. Business services are active, emerging and very dynamic. Therefore, it is the best time to start a business in Sabadell that will succeed in the future.

What does Invest In Sabadell do?

Invest In Sabadell is responsible for highlighting the city of Sabadell as a cradle for investment in life. It has the main traditional and current ingredients to make the space perfect. Traditionally, it has always had a business culture, entrepreneurial capacity and civic vitality. Currently, the new waves of young people who are settling in Sabadell are further fueling this proactive attitude for entrepreneurship.

All these factors have led many people to build their business in Sabadell. The data speak for themselves. Write down these if you are thinking of setting up a company:

  • Sabadell is the third city in Catalonia to have more companies related to the information and communications sector.
  • It is the second Catalan city that focuses more on its efforts and is concerned with sports activity, through facilities or investments (a fact favored by the rejuvenated population).
  • It is the third city in Catalonia with the highest gross added value in the construction of many spaces that are often companies.
  • It is also the third city in Catalonia with the most companies, reaching almost 15,000 active companies.

All these reasons have led many companies in Sabadell to set up and many others to settle here.

If you are thinking of a place to live where you could set up your business, you have everything to gain if you choose Sabadell. It is, as you read at the beginning, the city of the future where you can thrive with your business idea without so much effort and with the cooperation of other companies that, like yours, will emerge to become a benchmark in the area.

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